Writings about foods――六(1)班优秀英语作文展示
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My Eating Habits

六年1班  徐邦皓

I like eating Chinese food, and I like western food too. I usually have porridge, and bread for breakfast. I usually have rice, potatoes, eggs, chicken, mushroom and soup for lunch. And I usually have rice, vegetable, meat and soup for dinner. We should eat four kinds of food, they are meat, fruit-vegetable, cereals and milk food. They are important. They can keep us healthy. And fruit is very important. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Do you agree with me?


My Favourite Food

 六年1    黄家驹

 My favourite food is Chinese dumplings. I like eating dumplings because they are very delicious. In North China, people eat dumplings in Chinese Spring Festival. Chinese people make dumplings with different fillings, for example, pork, beef, vegetable, corn and chicken. Now, Chinese dumplings are also popular in other countries, more and more people like to eat dumplings.                             



We  Like  Different  Foods

六年1  徐逸清

My family are from different parts of China and we like different foods. My grandmother is from Sichuan. So she prefers spicy and sweet food. My grandfather is from Jiangsu. So he likes eating fish. And I’m from Xi’an. I like noodles very much. But I don’t like spicy food at all.

   Usually my grandfather does the cooking. He can cook different food. It is interesting that my grandfather does not like pork, but he is really good at cooking pork. and I enjoy it very much. I think that is very delicious. So I like pork. But my favorite food is beef. I think beef is more delicious than pork. So I like beef very much.


My  Favourite  Food

六年1   李泽茵

Different people like different food . My favourite food is rice . Rice is cereal. It is not more delicious than the other foods, but it is more important than the other foods .I eat rice everyday .I think rice is very healthy for everybody .So everybody should have rice for lunch and dinner . I like rice very much .Don’t you like it?



My Favourite Food

六年1  刘意

     Different people like different food. My favourite foods are eggs and bread .And I usually have eggs, bread and milk for breakfast. Because I think eggs and milk can make us healthy. And I prefer Chinese food,I don’t like western food, I think Chinese food is more delicious and better than western food. Do you agree with me?


My Eating Habits

六年1   吴葭祺

Different people have different eating habits. A good eating habit is good for our health.

I prefer Chinese food. I usually have bread and milk for breakfast. Sometimes I have noodles too. And I like rice, meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner. I think they are very good for me.

We should have four kinds of food each day. They are meat, fruit-vegetable, cereal and milk food. They are very important for us. If you eat them everyday, you will be healthy and strong. Do you agree?




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